Congratulations – you’re off to uni! Now it’s time to start preparing for your move into higher education – whether you are moving away or staying at home.

Here we've collected guidance around studying, wellbeing, coming to the UK as an international student, individual needs, and more to help you make a great start.

Here are some tips to get you started, followed by a bunch of useful resources:

Preparing for your studies 

If you need more info about preparing for your studies, make sure to take a read of our dedicated advice page.

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Studying in higher education can be quite different to the structure you’ll have experienced in school or college - you’ll be expected to be more independent and self-motivated. Use the summer to hone your study skills using the resources below.

  • Supporting student transitions from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) will help you make the move into higher education, from blogs and webinars and resources helping you fill any skills and knowledge gapsQAA have launched resources to cover gaps in knowledge and skills
  • Skills4Uni – a short online course from the University of Birmingham to guide students through the skills you’ll need for higher education – wherever you plan to study
  • Preparing for university from FutureLearn/UEA – a MOOC to build the academic skills you need for university study 
  • Check resources on the uni website to see if they have any resources to support new students
  • Ask about study skills sessions and catch-up sessions, workshops, etc
  • Ask the uni about any study skills sessions, catch-ups, and workshops that will help you with any knowledge or skills gaps.

Living away from home, independence, and finances

If you are moving away from your friends and family, it can be a really exciting time to make new friends and explore your independence – but it helps to have some guidance along the way.

Diversity, friendships, and fitting in

For many, starting university is an opportunity to make a fresh start, to discover who you are and make new friends. However, this isn't always easy, so these resources will help you to be your true self and make the most of your time at university.

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

Whether you want help to manage an existing mental health condition, or to get some general advice on looking after your wellbeing at uni, try these expert resources:

Individual needs

There is a wide variety of resources available in HE to help students achieve their full potential - including support for personal circumstances and individual needs (e.g. if you are care experienced, a carer or estranged from your parents), so speak to your uni to find out how they can help.

Remember: your information is always treated confidentially and you are fully in control. If you decide you don't need the support, that’s fine – but it's there just in case you change your mind or your circumstances change in the future.

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If you are disabled, have a mental health condition, or a learning difference

If you have not already shared a condition or impairment with your uni, it's not too late. Contact the student support team or wellbeing team to find out more. Remember, you are fully in control, so if you decide you don't need the support, that's fine - it's there just in case your circumstances change. This info is kept confidential and only shared with your consent. 

You can also check if you are eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) which can help you cover any additional study-related costs.

Read more about going to university with a physical or mental health condition or learning difference.

International students - UKCISA resources: 

We look forward to welcoming international students to the UK! Get ready for this exciting new step with these practical guides from UKCISA:

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